Sunday, 21 February 2010

LFW AW10: niOka at A la Mode

Yesterday I mentioned that there were two designers at the A la Mode show who warranted special mention. The first was Hanako Narahira and the second is NiOka.

I realise this isn't a particularly "fashion forward" thing to say, but of all the shows I have seen this week, the NiOka one is the one I can imagine taking pieces from and slotting them straight into my wardrobe. The coats in particular were incredibly well constructed with incredibly attention to detail such as zig zag lapels or button detailing and trim.

I think it's easy to forget that they are called the "ready to wear" collections because people are actually expected to wear them, and there wasn't a single piece from this collection I wouldn't slip on this morning.
Not a single piece uses any black (just charcoal grey) and this is because the designer thought it would be too obvious given the theme of the collection: the physical and mental scars we all carry. Not very chirpy is it? But on this occassion I don't actually think the theme translated well: i'm not sensing scarring, disapointment or misery in any of these pieces!!

Looking at this collection made me wonder: What would you rather see? The spectacle or the clothes you can wear?

Love Tor xx

*A la mode is an off schedule show organised by La Geneve North - you might remember this, because I invited you all to attend a couple of months ago!
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KD said...

Hmmm . . . I like the clothes a lot. But if by "the spectacle" you simply mean spectacle on the runway, I'd choose clothes. But if by spectacle you mean a theme, I think I'd rather see the theme throughout the collection because that would make it more interesting. And if the theme is translate well the clothes should still be wearable, so it'd be a win-win.