Tuesday, 23 February 2010

LFW A/W10: Topshop blogging workshop

Topshop always have a great array of activities around London Fashion Week and this year is no exception. Today three top bloggers (Disney rollergirl, Oh-Elle, and Cocos tea party) are spending the day giving advice on blogging, and how to set up your own blog.
Photo shows: Elle of Oh-Elle and the lovely writer of Coco's tea party
The event finishes at 7pm tonight, which gives you two hours to get down there if you'd like some advice from the experts. I spoke to two of the girls and found that they are giving advice on how to set up a new blog and how to promote it. They're also really fun to have a gossip with!! And they're handing out flyers containing great tips that you can take away with you:
If you can't get down then here is my list of the top 5 bits of advice listed on the handy leaflets they were handing out. There were 13 points of advice listed in total. 

  • Think carefully about the name you chose for your blog as you'll have it forever. We prefer short and sweet!

  • Blog about what you love, otherwise it will become a chore. Only write about what you're truly inspired by, not because you're being paid to

  • Stay true to your personality, opinions, likes or dislikes. Hits aren't everything.

  • Make sure you link back to where you get your content from.

  • Finally be patient.It takes time to develop your own blogging style
I know i'm biased but I think blogging is a great hobby, and although i'm not a Topshop blogging expert, if you have any questions about how to get started your welcome to get in touch.

Love, Tor xx
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