Monday, 22 February 2010

LFW A/W10: Louise Amstrup Presentation


This is the second season that I have seen Louise Amstrup at London Fashion Week and I enjoyed this collection just as much as the last one, despite the subdued mood in the presentation hall. It was quite dimly lit, which meant it took your eyes a moment or two to adjust and see properly.

The collection played with light as much as the presentation hall did: lots of black, grey and navy blue, with occassional flashes of light grey and white which came though in both stripes and the print shown above. There was also subtle use of feathers which I enjoyed: I love feathers and thought they might not be included anywhere this season because of the overkill with them last year. I also really want one of the coats from the collection, which would be a great stand-alone addition to any wardrobe.

Unfortunately, having taken my daily wear pictures, I left the house in a rush this morning, and left my camera on the coffee table. This has to be one of the most stupid and unprofessional things I have ever done! The image above was taken from the vauxhall fashion scout blog. I just wish I should have shared more pictures from this great collection with you- I really recommend you check it out, with someonewho had the forethought to take their camera!!

I'm interested to know, what has been your favourite collection from London Fashion Week so far?

Love, Tor xx

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Make Do Style said...

Oh gosh mad mad rushing - LFW is so draining.

The Style PA said...

You forgot your camera! That's annoying, happens to the best of us :)

KD said...

I cannot wait to see more pics of the collection from!

Patricia said...

A lovely presentation from Louise Amstrup. The prints were beautiful and I loved the paneled coats and jackets and the use of unexpected fabrics. The thin wrapped around the waist belts were the perfect accessory.