Thursday, 18 February 2010

London Fashion Week and the ethics of blogging

London Fashion Week is something that should be attacked with military precision if you want to attend all the shows you're invited to, write up your reviews on the go, and meet some of the other lovely bloggers attending too. My flat looks like a bomb's hit it with my invites all over the floor (organised into piles by day - it's an organised chaos!) and laundry hanging everywhere.

Sometimes i'm too domesticated for my own good, which meant that this week has been full of laundry, bathroom cleaning, fridge filling and linen changing; i'm so far from glamorous it hilarious, and my normal weekend chores had to be done sometime!!

I've also organised all my outfits in advance. What I wear to fashion week actually isn't a main priority for me. Obviously I want to look nice, but realistically noone is there to look at me, and so as long as I feel good and i'm comfortable, that's all that matters. I've organised my outfits so that when i'm tired and late (I always seem to start late for everything but make it just in time!) I don't have to panic about what to throw on. I will be updating you on my outfits with daily wear posts though: comfortable doesn't have to mean boring!

Finally, it makes me kind of sad to have to justify this, but as debate amongst bloggers around this issue has gone crazy in recent months I feel like we have to justify everything we do: I am delighted to have acquired a sponsor for my London Fashion Week coverage! I have done this for a number of reasons which I will outline below:

1) The sponsor is Style Compare: a brand I have worked with before, like, use, and respect. I would recommend the site to a friend, which is why I feel comfortable recommending it to you guys.

2) Unlike bogger corporate blogs or magazines I pay for everything to do with this blog myself. Attending Fashion Week isn't free when you add up all the bits you spend, and this blog is a hobby. I don't feel like it should cost me (personally) a small fortune to share my coverage with you guys. And a girl's got to eat!

3)How individual bloggers feel about sponsorship is a diverse spectrum. I can feel good about having a sponsor (and I do!) and someone else can think that sponsorship is wrong for their blog. I think our diversity in this debate is as important as our diversity in what we post about and what we like or don't like.

Retro chick has written a great post about the ethics of blogging, focusing on sponsorship and free gifts. How do you feel about the issue?

Love, Tor x

Style Compare has over 6,000 dresses by more than 350 labels.


KD said...

That's really cool! I'd love to have a sponsor; but I don't put up ads. Hmmm. Have to think more about this.

MargieF said...

its your blog you can do what you like with it! you shouldnt have to justify what you do for your own hobby lol
still a great blog with or without sponsorship

teawithonesugarplease said...

Have a wonderful time a LFW - can't wait to see your reviews. Practical shoes is all I can recommend for the walking in-between. That was my down-fall years ago.