Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fabfrocks reviews: Aveeno handcream

Since I had my operation I have been extra fastidious about taking care of my hands; they were already covered in little nicks and scars from fencing as a teenager, and I rub bio oil into my op scar as often as I remember, then I use hand cream to keep them soft as babies.

The one i'm using at the minute is the Aveeno ( handcream with oatmeal. Luckily though it doesn't smell of oatmeal: it smells quite sweet! It forms what they call on the label a "protective glove" and basically this means that your hands stay soft and mosturised all day; even if you wash them (but not after a bath or shower!) .

The cream is recommended for dry hands (which I have) but I don't think i'm alone: who doesn't get dry hands in the winter?
This picture was supposed to show you the consistency: it's quite thick but pliable and rubs in fairly instantly. As you can tell I slather on loads, but you probably only really need half this much!
I remember once being told that you can tell a "real lady" by her hands. I hope this isn't true because mine are a mess, but I do try to keep them as soft as I can; there's nothing worse than shaking hands with someone who has dry calloused palms, and i'd hate someone to think that about me!
Love, Tor xx
PS - Happy birthday to my 'lil sis: 24 today!! (Don't worry: I'm not going to go all sea of shoes on her and post lots of pictures of her as a kid!)

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Retro Chick said...

I have an Aveeno body moisturiser at the moment that Marie Claire sent me to try. It's ok.

I've never tried the handcream though