Saturday, 13 February 2010

Isabella Oliver at New York fashion week

On Thursday night Isabella Oliver took part in the Red Dress Collection; a fabulous catwalk show at New York Fashion Week in aid of The Heart Truth. I've been thinking a lot about red dresses because Kate of Make do Style did her MA film about them, and I am going to see it on Thursday night (i'll tell you all about it on Friday morning!)
The event featured an array of fashion designers and a host of celebrities (whom i'd never heard of!) dressed in their creations.
I always thought of red dresses as synonymous with ladies of the night and very 80s (think Pretty Woman). I've never owned a slinky red dress, and none of my friends do either. But this image could have changed my mind: the women look beautiful and empowered. And so glamorous! Especially US television personality Bethenny Frankel (no? me either!) who looked fabulous on the catwalk an Isabella Oliver Maternity Ruched One Shoulder Dress. Surely it isn't fair to other women to look that good when you're pregnant!

Could it be time to rethink red? It would certainly make a change from my usual "black for every special occasion" uniform!
Love, Tor x


Make Do Style said...

Ha! Yes the power of the red dress. It is the most visual of all colours - red is danger, love, lust, power and something always happens when you wear a red dress. See you on Thursday xx

Winnie said...

I love the the idea of a little red dress. I've always wanted one.