Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Primark pick of the week: The nudes and florals edition

Having spent a week looking at what we'll all be wearing next winter (and possibly channel it into our wardrobes now, given the horrible weather) it's time to go back to look at what we'll be wearing in the spring and summer; they're fast approaching, and the high street knows it!

Primark is full of sandals and swimwear, which feels weird when it's snowing outside, but now is the time to think about buying it; Primarks leather gladiator sandals sell out every year and if you're budget is tight you'll want to get them before they're gone! If you can't plan that far ahead they also have a great selection of Spring macs and patterned blazers.

This post though is for all the Angels going to the Aussie event next weekend, where the dress code is new season florals and nudes: if you want to buy something new then Primark has you covered!
After months of the price point slowly creeping up the Primark price point is starting to decline again: The floral and mesh dresses above are only £5 and the scalloped lace top is only £8. Despite having spend a week lusting after high end clothes, i'll always love Primark: It might not be where you would go for your classics or basics (this is where you should spend your money) but it's perfect if you want an ontrend wardrobe pick-up, without breaking the bank.

Love, Tor xx

PS - Do you know they're still not letting you take photos in Primark? I can understand why they wouldnt let you take pictures in a designer or wedding shop, but wonder who would be photographing and then stealing Primarks designs!!


Daisy said...

Fab post ! I am meant to be going to the Aussie event at the weekend, but I am unsure I can make it ! This is very good info for others going, Ill be sure to pass it on!

Good post again :)

daisychain said...

Ohh I need a primark spree

KD said...

Hmmm . . . I don't want to sound accusatory, but I was just wondering, why do you only advocate spending money on classics and basics? It makes sense if you're going to wear them all the time of course, but I'm not so sure about the words "classics" and "basics" because I never, EVER wear white button-up shirts, trench coats, or my one "LBD". I'm more of the "spend your money on whatever you really love" camp.

Annie Spandex said...

Pretty pretty pretty pretty oh so pretty pretty pretty pretty!

Shini said...

Hhaha The photo banning is indeed ridiculous but I think its got to do with security more than the designs, you know, for possible hostile action? Also might be so competitors (who?) don't copy any interior design/'shopping geography' :P
That nude tunic with patterns looks really interesting, gotta check it out!

Emanuel I. said...

I just discover your blog and I can't leave it!
I like it a lot, congrats!

Emanuel Iuhas
Visual Merchandiser/Fashion blogger
Cluj Napoca , Romania