Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Reebok Easytones: Week one

I mentioned about a month ago that I was taking part in the Reebok Easytone trial. The Reebok Easytones are trainers that are supposed to work harder to tone your bum and legs as you go about your daily business. Well my trainers finally arrived last week, and I got them straight on and gave them a go! Here are my thoughts so far:

- They look good. I mean, they look like trainers not Louboutins, but as trainers go they're quite nice looking and I don't feel unattractive when I walk to work in them (I've taken to wearing them to work and back - every little helps!)

- They're a little tight. I ordered my normal size (a six) but feel like a half a size bigger would have been more comfortable. They have loosened off a little as i'm wearing them, but I still think the sizing is a little on the small side; I would recommend sizing up.

-I think they're making a difference; the back of my legs feel a little firmer. Of course, this could be psychosymatic because I think they're working and it could be because i'm walking more than I normally would (well, when you have new walking shoes it would be rude not to!)

- They have built in odour control; now i'm not saying I have smelly feet, but the fact that they're smaller than I expected means I can't wear them with socks and usually trainers and no-socks is trainer death. Not so with these ones with their built-in odour controlling magic. Or at least not so far...

I'll let you know how i'm finding them in another month or so - it's hard to tell how they're working when i've only been wearing them a week, but so far i'm impressed! I feel like another four weeks will enable me to give a more rounded opinion. If only there were trainers that could tone your stomach and upper arms as well!

Love, Tor xx


iAmAko said...

So is this worth buying? I can't decide if I should get Skechers Shape Ups or Reebok EasyTones.

Make Do Style said...

Sounds good - looking forward to the 4 week report back - keep it up! Actually with all trainers you need to go a size up x

Winnie said...

Sounds good but I agree with the psychology aspect. Looking forward to reading your follow up reviews on this.

H A N N A H ♥ said...

Ohhh I've seen these advertised, I'm thinking of getting a pair for the gym... I'll wait and see what you have to say about them in a few weeks!