Friday, 16 April 2010

National bra fit week: Are you wearing the right bra?

Until yesterday, I hadn't thought that much about bras - they were the slightly irritating things that I put on underneath my dresses. Sometimes you want pretty ones, sometimes you want sexy ones, but most of the time you just want one you can't see under your clothes!

However yesterday, in honour of National Bra Fit Week (19th April - 9th May) I was invited to Debenhams to find out more about the structure of bras: how they're made, how the designs are chosen, and ultimately I was fitted by a wonderful professional who showed me how you can tell if your bra is fitting right or not.
It was a revelation! I didn't realise how many components a bra is made up of (more than twenty, and some much more!) and I didn't realise how wrong my bra size was: i've gone down two back sizes and up three cup sizes. To be honest, I had no idea how much thought went into making bras at all: the lead time for a collection is over 18 months and the mood boards that lead to the design creation are beautiful!
The gorgeous prints above are the patterns for the next drop of Floozie by FrostFrench, based on the theme of the "staycation" (Who knew my home town of Skegness would provide inspiration!). I wish they came in bigger cup sizes because i'm obsessed with the carousel pony pattern! I also saw an incredible Wonderbra strapless bra that is shaped like hands to lift you up: such a great idea and it looked really cool too: if anyone has this i'd love to know if it works or not!

Because next week is National bra fit week, and because 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bras, i'm going to be tell everyone I know (including you guys!) to go down and get fitted: it makes such a difference! I have constant deep red marks on my shoulders from the weight of my boobs, but it turns out this is simply because my back size wasn't tight enough: your shoulders shouldn't be taking the weight of your breasts, it should be dispersed evenly around your back etc too: we all have little niggly bra issues, and most of them can be fixd by wearing the right size or shape! I know it can be really embarrassing getting fitted but it does make a difference: and you have to remember that the fitters see about a hundred pairs of boobs everyday - so they won't think there's anything special about yours!

I'm a convert: I think i'm going to spend most of my weekend underwear shopping!

Love, Tor xx


Rosie said...

I'm in desperate need of some new bras. Great post.

Louise said...

I so need to be measured since I lost a wee bit of weight after christmas. Is that gorgeous blue gingham bra in your picture from Debenhams? Me wanty!

Clare said...

I so need to get my bras sorted...No idea what I should be wearing, thank you for reminding me!

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Hayles said...

I was properly measured (although I like to refer to it as "that time the little old lady in John Lewis molested me") for the first time last year, and it really made a difference in the way that I stand!
Going up a few sizes was such a shock though!

Humbug said...

I keep getting measured and told 32 or 34 B or C, well thanks a lot, narrow it down why don't you?!! If anything they have made me more confused about my bra size! I don't know how bras are supposed to feel either - i.e how tight, as then I could try them on and decide for myself.

cait harri said...

These look so good! Floozie is my favourite!

Maya said...
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Maya said...

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