Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Daily wear: Layers and lace

Hi guys,
Sorry for the post gap yesterday: my new job keeps me soo busy, and it's taking a while to get into the groove of my new routine! However I have post ideas ready (all written down and everything, i'm practically a pro!) for the rest of the week, so I promise it won't happen again - I feel like a naughty schoolgirl!

I'm really enjoying the new wardrobe possibilities brought by the changing weather: that's a fancy way of saying isn't it great not to have to wear boots and coats any more?! It's still cold in the mornings though, so layering is my new best friend, but I have stopped wearing thermal black tops under everything, which i'm finding strangely liberating! Today I am wearing:
Lace dress and cardigan: from the TKmaxx haul. Belt: River Island. Leggings: George at Asda. Shoes: Faith sale. Bag: Betsey Johnson. Necklaces: Various.

This is my favourite bag, which is why I don't use it too often: I realise that doesn't make much sense, but I don't want the leather to get damaged. My hair is a crazy mess: i'm having it cut and coloured next week, but I can't decide whether to grow the fringe out (see above mess!) or have it cut back in again: any suggestions are very welcome! Does the summer make you want to do something different to your hair? I can't shake off the feeling that the changing seasons demand a new style!

Love, Tor xx


RepublicOfChic said...

That bag is really something! Love the style :)

PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Love the bag! I loooove slouchy bags. And I totally get it - my Rebecca Minkoff is also my fave but it's the one I use the least! :-(

Annie Spandex said...

Such cute flats!

Ceri said...

I love those flats and that bag, lovely!