Saturday, 10 April 2010

River Island: Mid-season sales review

Hi guys,

The mid-season sales are in full swing and I haven't had a decent try on session/review session for aages, so I thought it was time to reignite the old format and show you my five of the best from the River Island sale. I've turned into a real River Island fan of late - I love their cuts, their patterns, and their attention to detail. I also love their sales!

Floral jumpsuit, £20
Chartreuse evening dress, £20
Star print playsuit, £15
Black studded frill dress, £15
Nude and black t-shirt, £8
I especially loved the black dress and the floral jumpsuit: the dress would be really versatile for almost any occassion and the jumpsuit is just plain fun: teamed with stack heels it would look so seventies! The playsuit looked great too, but it wasn't long enough in the crotch, causing weird ruching. Similarly the evening dress had design errors: it looked good from the front but had absolutely no support in the back!

The river island sale is always great; reductions of 50% and more (usually more) also mean it's a good place to make bigger purchases like leather jackets, winter boots and jackets: they had a massive selection of lightweight spring/summer jackets that I would definitely recommend checking out!

Love, Tor xx


Charlotte said...

Great post :) the dress in the second picture really suits you!

Winnie said...

Totally agree, I never used to like river island but if you look hard enough,past all the diamante and glitter, there are some really lovely things! Love that black dress!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love the jumpsuit on you! Just add a floppy hat and some wedges! My girls got loads of stuff including the black trimmed top you have. I always get them lots from River Island, love their sales for the girls.

daisychain said...

Oh man that jumpsuit. Amazing.

MargieF said...

i really like the top in the last pic...might have to go check that one out as its so reasonable...

WendyB said...

I love chartreuse!I used to hate it. Hate often turns to love with me.

Anonymous said...

The play suit is so sweet, gonna have to try it out. Digging the fab 70s inspired jumpsuit on you.