Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pauls boutique: Yay or nay?

Hey guys,

They have installed a massive display of Pauls boutique handbags right at the front of the entrance to Fenwicks since the last time I went in: I don't go in very often because i'm really not that big a fan of Brent Cross: there are only ever about 5-6 shops I want to go into! It's certainly an eyecatching and colourful display (I noticed it straight away and got my camera out!) but I can't decide how I feel about the brand:
They're very kitsch bags (something I usually like) and on the plus side the shapes are classic and usable. I just don't enjoy the excessive branding and the overuse of neon pink. These aren't cheap bags, but they looks and feel very cheap: they remind me of hubba bubba bubble gum packets: I used to love that stuff when I was a kid! I think this is a teen brand but the prices seem to be more target to twenty-somethings: I certainly didn't ever have enough pocket money to buy a £80 bag when I was a teenager! I also can't escape the feeling that you could do this yourself: the badges, charms and ribbons would be so easy to create and attach to any old bag. So effectively all you are really paying for it a brand.
What do you think of Pauls boutique? Would you ever buy on of these bags? Interested to know where you'd place the brand too, as I can't decide where I think it sits!

Love, Tor xx


Blog to be Alive said...

I am kinda torn. It feels a little bit like Ed Hardy stuff to me... a little douchy maybe. lol


MargieF said...

hmm i have two PB bags...one is pretty classic and the other one i bought purposely because it was so OTT...but i agree with you on all counts. The brand used to be a bit quirky but now young girls have caught on and turned the brand into a tack- fest. needless t say i never wear my bags anymore:(

teawithonesugarplease said...

You're right about the price point and their stuff turns up regularly in TK Makk so that may be the appeal to teens who can't afford the Rec retail price.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

My youngest daughter loves it and got a Barbie Pauls Boutique bag as soon as they came out!

Make Do Style said...

Its a no for me!

Hayles said...

I'm not a fan really -tacky looking and far too expensive.

Harriet said...

I'm afraid I'm not really a fan. Somehow the expensive-tacky look doesn't really work for me here (although a lot of the time I love that sort of thing!)

Anonymous said...

I seen a plain black patent PB bag just after Christmas, i think, and it was lovely. Saying that i do love the zebra print bag but agree with you that the whole key ring/charm/pompom thing is a bit much. A friend has the pink quilted one and she looks far too old for it, more suited to a 16 year old than a 24 year old


Chloe Ryan said...

i really like their designs but i hate the branding on most of them. i think they should pay me to wear these bags :D


Fiona Carter said...

I think Pauls Boutique bags are cute and lovely. It's suitable for pretty girl. http://www.paulsboutique.uk.com/

Fiona Carter said...
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