Sunday, 25 April 2010

When two tribes go to war...

Part one of the Aussie Angels experience came to an end last month, and all the angels were asked if they wanted to take part in part two: I love being an Angel, so it was clear to me the answer was yes! For part two we have been asked to divide ourselves into tribes depending on our hair type: obviously it was the colour mate tribe for me: i've been colouring my hair all the colours under the sun since I was a teenager!! My first adventure with my tribe happens at the beginning of August but yesterday a lovely goody bag arrived containing everything I need to keep my hair in tip top condition: coloured shampoo, conditioner, and three minute miracle especially for coloured hair (I didn't even know they made this!) There was also a comb (for detangling) mirror, tribe badges and a yummy square of chocolate (immediately eaten)
Of course I couldn't wait to try my goodies out so I jumped straight in the shower. The arrival of the pack couldn't have come at a better time, as I recoloured my hair last week! My hair now smells amazing; I know this is an integral part of the Aussie experience but it smells especially good! The coloured products come with peach extract (apparently the oils are good for dry hair) so I smell like a yummy cocktail: peach schnapps is my favourite drink!! My sister noticed my new shampoo immediately and said I smelt "really sweet" which I like, but if you don't like sweet fruity smells it might not be for you. My hair also feels incredibly soft: because of all the bleach I put on it my hair generally feels really porous but today it feels soft and sleek. I was really impressed! Also, aren't the new bottle designs nice? They were inspired by Australian designers and are much prettier than the usual, fairly functional, packaging.
Speaking of tribes, we went to the Belmont animal farm yesterday to play with the animals (we couldn't find any children to take, so we went by ourselves!) It was a very fun hour out, and they have more animals than your average farm: as well as the aminals you would expect there are also llamas, kangaroos, ostriches, and birds of prey. My favourites will always be the humble goats though, who have such lovely little faces and are so comical when they're fighting for the food! Our trip was followed by some pub grub and an afternoon in the beer garden enjoying the sunshine: heavenly!!

I hope you guys have had good weekends too!
Love, Tor xx


bellefantaisie said...

I'm a colour aussie angel too! :) i saw you at the asos event so hopefully will get to have a chat at the aussie event this time! i have yet to try the product, but from what you say, I'm excited to now! xx

Christina Sanders said...

I am also in the colour mate tribe! Did you're box of goodies come recorded delivery? I got a 'Sorry you were out' card from my postman yesterday for something that needed to be signed for...I was wondering what it might be. It must be my aussie pack! How exciting! x

Daisy said...

Oh how fab ! I am in the Volume tribe ! I adore their products !