Thursday, 15 April 2010

Post-clearout: Identify gaps and fill

The best thing about a wardrobe clearout is that, aside from being able to open your wardrobe without things falling on you, it enables you to identify gaps in your existing wardrobe that need filling. So this is exactly what I did last night, and I was suprised by how little I felt I needed!

Things I definitely do not need:

Coats/Jackets - Jackets are my addiction. Whenever i'm out shopping they're the first thing i'm attracted to. I have far too many of them, but can't seem to stop myself buying more. But I will. I don't need any more jackets!

Evening dresses - Every time I went on a night out I complained I had nothing to wear. One major wardrobe clearout later and it turns out that I have more than 10 really lovely dresses (most of them black, alot of them sequinned) that would be perfect for just about any evening occassion. The obsession with fancy dresses has to stop now!

Heels - It's got to be a fact proven somewhere that when you're out shopping for shoes, heels are more exciting to buy than flats. Which probably explains why I have more than 50 pairs, despite the fact I rarely wear heels. I'm going cold turkey: I will not go in a shoe shop, I will not go in a shoe shop. And repeat ten times!

Necklaces - How many long chains does a girl need? Not as many as I have! If you can think of an emblem then I have it on a chain. I like having lots of jewellery, it's great for mixing and matching your wardrobe, but I now have plenty.

Things I definitely do need:

Cardigans - Ironically, I thought I had plenty of cardigans. However having whittled out the ones with holes in the sleeves or that I had shrunk in the washing machine, it turns out I only have two: and one of them is red and has a sequinned cat on it. Which is fun, but not exactly practical! So I ordered these two cardigans with a voucher I was given by Tesco:
At £14 and £16 respectively and made of 100% cotton they were an absolute bargain: I can't wait for them to arrive, I just hope the quality feels as good as it looks!

Bras - My strapless bra has lost it's elastic and all of my white bras are looking decidedly grey: I haven't noticed this all winter long because I generally only wear white underwear in the summer. Time to have a big underwear clearout!

An oversized ring- I'm tired of wearing costume jewellery that turns my finger green. I'm too old to have a green finger every night: surely this should stop at some point?! I've decided that point is now. I intend to invest in a lovely oversized silver (i'm too realistic to think I can afford gold) ring with a beautiful stone in the middle of it.
I'm thinking, with the summer approaching, turquoise would be the perfect choice! But love this malachite one from etsy which comes in at $162. I saw a beautiful silver and amber ring on Camden market at the weekend for £50: might be worth a look!

Black pumps - For someone who owns so many pairs of shoes, I really ought to own a pair of black ballet pumps! I think the reason I don't is that I love feeling a breeze around my feet, so I generally try to migrate from boots to sandals, and then wear the sandals as long as possible until it's time for the boots again. So last night I picked up a pair of black suede pumps in the sale at Faith (just £17) with a nautical anchor detail at the front: very cute!

Vest tops - Summer dresses I have plenty of, but summer tops are something I own very few of: I'm hoping this will be vectified before I book my summer holiday. I will also have to sort out my swimwear situation: something I dread doing every single year!!

Do you know what your wardrobe is missing? Do you think about the missing pieces when you shop (I don't but I intend to!) or do you just buy whatever you think is pretty? I'm interested to hear about your shopping habits and how this affects the dynamics of your wardrobe!

Love, Tor xx


daisychain said...

woah I need those tesco cardigans!

WendyB said...

I would say you don't need any boring jackets, but, if you're a jacket fan like I am and you see something extraordinary (purple and hairy for instance), you need it! There's always an exception to the rule ;-)

teawithonesugarplease said...

I have a coat/jacket fetish too! My coat stand it groaning under the weight of everything. Maybe I too shall have a cull?

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Great cardigans!

Make Do Style said...

Well sorted! New wardrobe new woman! xx

MargieF said...

i definitely need short cardigans..i have so many long ones but they really dont flatter me...

Harriet said...

I am in need of cardigans and shoes! My feet are crying at the moment in my dying winter shoes and last year's summer shoes. The lnining of them is all rucked up and unstuck, it's not a good situation! I really like those tesco cardigans though, might have to peruse thier website, let us know how they are when they arrive!