Monday, 12 April 2010

Etsy obsession of the week: Devaniweaver

The "etsy obsession" feature is one of the few features i've started on the blog and managed to keep up every week. I think it's because I love the excuse to spend Sunday evening trawling through etsy and fantasy shopping: you never know what you might find, and some of the shops are so unusual!

This weeks etsy obsession is devaniweaver chosen exactly for that reason: the clothes are so unusual that seeing them made me smile! It isn't to everyone's taste (I'm not even sure if all of it's to mine) but I love it anyway. And each of the pieces are made to order, so you know what you're getting is good quality and handmade (one of my favourite things about etsy!)

The one piece that drives me crazy with delight is this oversized cameo dress: I really want this to wear to my birthday party! It works out at about £80. I've looked at it about 5 times and i'm so close to ordering: what do you guys think??

I also really love the cupcake dress. My sister is thinking of having a cupcake themed wedding: can you imagine how wonderful it would be if I rocked up wearing a version (with a longer skirt) of this dress?! Aso, the pony dress has real hair that you can plait and put clips in; it's a grown up girls dream! All the pieces are very pink, very girly and very cutesy. It's definitely a very youthful etsy shop and I know that if I saw someone walking down the street wearing any of the pieces I would stare and then smile: which is surely the point of having fun with fashion!?

Love, Tor xx


MargieF said...

these dresses are AMAZING really made me smile

Make Do Style said...

Gosh well not sure about the quality to my eye materials look a bit cheap but then you can't really tell until in hands. I do like the cameo dress and so yes it would be fab fun. I like the concepts, great fun so yes the cameo dress is a winner!

mama said...

You are so right, all of the dresses made me smile - not too sure about the price. It is very difficult to judge the quality from a picture. Why not try doing something similar yourself - I have loads of vintage lace you could use.

WendyB said...

The cameo kills me...very cute!

Anonymous said...

Ah the cameo dress is amazing, you have to buy it. I too love cameos and am now considering buying the dress. If you do buy it could you let me know what you think of it please?
Lea x