Friday, 2 September 2011

Primark A/W 11 boots and shoes

Hi guys,
I don't often venture into Primark any more (not because I don't still love Primark, just because i'm trying to do some saving, and have put my shopping addiction on hold.) But this week lil sis and I took a jaunt to the Oxford Circus branch for a sneak peak at their new A/W wares.

I actually came out empty-handed, which is very unlike me when it comes to Primark! However, as usual, I did find myself lingering a little too long over their shoe department:
Shearling was a very popular Primark boot trend (And the first set were only £15, which is amazingly purse friendly, if you're on a budget) but it was the boxy colour popping wedge ankle boots that set my heart racing.

I know they're entirely impractical, but I loved the turquoise ones! I have no idea what i'd wear with them but when did that stop me loving shoes?! The heart wants what it wants. Mine also wants those orange brogues. And I can see heel lovers falling head over heels for the burgandy brogues with the stacked heels. Personally, I prefer my brogues flat, so that I can walk around the shops in them all day!

Have you had any Primark bargains lately? If so, what did you get? I must admit I wasn't very impressed with the Oxford Street store this week. I went in planning to buy myself an Autumn dress or two, and couldn't find anything I liked enough to part with my cash for!

Love, Tor xx


MidnightDraven said...

Those turquoise boots, I might die. Gorgeous. And they are impractical for me, but I may just have to get them anyway and just stare at them.

SamanthaB said...

Have you checked out the Limited Edition drop - I've picked up a couple of little beauties :-)

Ronn said...

i oved the jc-esque wedges but alas there were no black opnes and im not adventurous enough for purple!

dinoprincesschar said...

Not really feeling any of these, there's something I don't like about wedges..I just don't feel comfortable in them..
But i did manage to pick up a whole outfit for £17 the other day, a tulle skirt in a lovely plum colour and a jade tshirt with a jade turtle necklace to finsih it off, so i was really pleased :)

Ima Rhiannyr said...

I'm still in 'brogue love' mode, but i do looove those wedge boots, got a grey pair in the shrine to Imelda Marcos at the bottom of my wardrobe.... not quite sure what to wear them with though???

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