Monday, 26 September 2011

Daily Wear: Fabfrocks in jeans!

Hi guys,
Today I did something I very rarely do, particularly on weekdays. Today I left the dresses hanging in my wardrobe and headed for a day at work wearing jeans. I don't really like the shapes of my legs, especially my thighs, so I don't often wear jeans at all. But then, whilst have a deep clean of my wardrobe, I found these Topshop jeans that I haven't worn since university. They fit like a dream and it's been a revelation: I can't stop wearing them!
I teamed my lovely jeans with an Urban Outfitters blouse, See by Chloe bracelet, Primark owl necklace, Topshop outlet boots, and satchel c/o Sarenza.

I appreciate that this isn't a high-fashion outfit, but it feels perfectly comfy and perfect for autumn. I also thought I should share the pictures of me in jeans, because they don't get taken very often!

I'm glad I didn't dress for the heatwave the weather forecasters said was coming: I saw so many women struggling through the rain torrent in sandals tonight. Instead I packed my bag sensibly with my River Island snake skin blazer and my beloved Vivienne Westwood scarf:

I hope you don't get bored of seeing this scarf by the end of the winter! I just can't get enough of it: it turns even the most boring of outfits into a style statement, and I'm completely in love with it. It matches all of my winter coats too, so I can see myself wearing this until the fabric wears thin!

What have you been wearing today? And what item have you bought recently that you know you'll be wearing all winter?

Love Tor xx


D.R. said...

love that owl necklace

Anonymous said...

How dark is it when you go to work?

Love the whole outfit, especially the necklace!