Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Zalando's Fashion Frenzy

Hi guys,
I've written about Zalando before, and right now they're running a pretty cool competition for fashion bloggers.To enter, all you have to do is choose your dream outfit from their shop and post it online. This has been running all month (trust me to be late to the table!) and will end on 30th September.

The prize is £300 a month to spend on clothes for 12 months: quick maths tells me that that's a £3600 new wardrobe! But don't worry: for the non-bloggers out there, there's also the chance to win a £300 shopping voucher over on their facebook page.

Zalando are a big comparison site (you've probably seen their shoe ad on the TV at the minute!) and they stock thousands of fashion lines from hundreds of different brands. So picking my dream outfit was pretty easy:
All outfits start with a good pair of shoes, so I started with these Jonak brogues. I love the jazz era two-tone brogues (definitely on my must-have list!). To these I added a floral tea dress from Vera Moda and a chunky yellow cardigan (which looks vintage but isn't - I need this in my wardrobe!)

And because I'm an accessories addict, I just had to add a belt, bag (by Sonia Rykiel and beautiful!), scarf, and yummy bangle! OK, at this point I've spent far too long on the Zalando website, and need to win this competition before I bankrupt myself!

I know this isn't a particularly fashion forward outfit (no new season trends here!) but it's exactly my style: a little bit vintage inspired, focused on a lovely frock and lots of gorgeous statement accessories all piled on top of each other. I'm sure someone did once tell me less is more, but I didn't listen!

What would your dream outfit for this winter be? Are there any pieces you're coveting right now?

Love, Tor xxx

zalando fashion frenzy

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dinoprincesschar said...

I hadn't heard of this site before, but i love the dress and the cardi you featured here and will be checking it out!