Thursday, 8 September 2011

Charles Worthington's Salon at Home range

Hi guys,
Last night I was invited for a sneak peek at Charles Worthington's Salon at Home range. The range is launching with it's "straight and smooth" product: a hair straightening kit you can use at home!

The product works by resetting the bonds in your hair and effectively reprogramming your hairs 'memory' (I know it sounds far fetched but stay with me!) leaving you hair straight rather than frizzy. We were introduced to one of the 400 consumer testers of the product, and I have to say, her hair looked fabulous!

I can't wait to try this product, and if it works, it could revolutionize my mornings! The products keeps hair straight for up to 40 days, meaning no more early morning hair straightening: I can't wait to give it a try this weekend!
The kit comes with everything you need: including the gloves and even the comb to comb it through your hair! Apparently the smell is pretty awful, but I always think if something smells potent it's a good sign it's going to work!

This is just the first product in the Salon at Home range. Coming soon there are also products to add shine, and strengthen and repair the hair. The products can be used in conjunction with each other, so I intend to straighten, strengthen and shine up my hair, all at the same time!

All of the products are priced at £19.99.
The range goes on sale exclusively in Boots stores on 26th September.

Oh, and did you know Charles Worthington has an MBE for services to hairdressing?! I didn't even know you could get an MBE for that!

Love Tor xx


Tamsin said...

I probably know the people who worked on this, having until last year worked for a major beauty retailer who make/formulate CWs products (nobody makes their own products, I'm afraid). All the stuff about 'hair memory' made me do a lol, as did the bit about not containing formaldehyde (it's banned by the EU Cosmetic directive so it couldn't even if it wanted to - although apparently those Brazilian hair straightening things contain it which is a serious problem and I don't know how they are getting away with it). I believe the straightening action is caused by Cysteamine (also used to treat radiation sickness- true fact) breaking the disulfide bonds to straight the hair - 'memory' indeed!

Miss Believer, leaving annoying comments about cosmetic science since 2007 :P My job really has wrecked beauty for me. I don't even wear make up anymore! xx

Tamsin said...

On the plus side - it is more gentle than most other chemical straightening agents so that's a definite plus. Cysteamine does smell a lot like cat wee though...I am intrigued to see the results when you try it! :D