Monday, 12 September 2011

London Fashion Week Wardrobe: Sorted!

Hi guys,
As you know, when it comes to my outfits for London Fashion Week I tend to have a 'do it on the day' attitude. I'm always so busy making other preparations that what I actually wear often takes a back seat (after all, noone is there to look at me!)

But not this year! Thanks to Clothing at Tesco (the official sponsor of London Fashion Week) I can organise what I'll be wearing with time to spare! The Tesco team kindly offered to dress me for the week, and I chose a host of amazing pieces: here they are worn all together

Obviously, for fashion week I'll be mixing and matching with other pieces from my wardrobe, but I am completely in love with their A/W range: everything fits beautifully, and I'll be wrapped up with style when the cold weather finally hits:

Cardigan, Clothing at Tesco, £25. Blouse, Clothing at Tesco, £18. Jeans, Topshop. Shoes, River Island. Bag, JOY. Fur hat, Urban Outfitters sample sale.

Fur collared coat, Clothing at Tesco, £50. Dress, Clothing at Tesco, £18. Belt, Topshop. Bag, Sarenza. Boots, Primark.
Waterfall jacket, Clothing at Tesco, £30. Dress, Clothing at Tesco, £20. Boyfriend watch, Clothing at Tesco, £14.99. Boots, Primark. Bag, Car Boot Sale.

The first outfit is my favourite one: it makes me think of wrapping up for bonfire night, but in a more vintage heritage way! My favourite piece of them all though is the 1940s style coat. I've worn it undone to show off the dress, but it cinches in at the waist beautifully with a belt, and it fits amazingly and feels beautiful.

Suddenly, I'm looking forward to fashion week even more than ever!!

Tor xxx


dinoprincesschar said...

I really love the clothing at tesco range, they have some amazing pieces and the prices are so reasonable. i often forget to buy my food shopping though as i get so distracted!

Tamsin said...

So jealous - wish they'd dress me for fashion week! I have nothing to wear :( LOVE your messy ponytail, it really suits you. And you look so 1930s in that coat in the 2nd pic! x

styleroulette said...

I'm loving all the bags!! I wish I could have gone to Fashion Week...
Loving that messy pony tail btw!

style roulette

PS: want to invite you to join my turban headband giveaway if you haven't.

girlinthecity said...

hey girl, lovely lay out - and loooove the clothes selection from tesco - one place I never shop as I don't really have a good clothes one near me, so guess I would have to try online... hmm...

but yes, love the first outfit especially - you look fab indeed :)

a x
Girl in the City Glasgow