Thursday, 22 September 2011

Competition: Win a trip to New York with BIC Soleil

Hi guys,
BIC have got a new razor on the market - called the BIC Soleil Bella. I know it's not something we ladies talk about a lot, but unless you're really lucky (in which case I curse you!) we all have to deal with our unwanted body hair.

I'm going to come clean about my routine: I use a hair removal cream on my upper lip, I have my eyebrows waxed, and for everything else I use a razor: admittedly I normally steal Mike's, so maybe it's time to invest in one of my own! And apparently the BIC Soleil is tailored to be more comfortable on a woman's curves, so it might be a good place to start.

I know it's considered much more trendy to have regular waxing appointments, but I just find it the quickest and easiest form of hair removal. No planning, no appointments: just jump in the shower and go!

In order to encourage women to 'Just live' (without worrying about their body hair all the time) and promote their new razor range, BIC are running a competition over on their facebook page. The star prize? An amazing Trip to New York!! Plus as well as the grand prize, they are offering a load more prizes on a weekly basis! This could be a theatre outing, a day-trip or a similar experience for you and a friend.

Want to enter the competition for your chance to win? Then head over to the BIC facebook page now and whilst you're their check it out: The page is pretty cool, and has weekly beauty tips and blog posts from a monthly-featured blogger!

Love, Tor x

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