Friday, 5 August 2011

Find me at Yahoo's Style it light!

Hi guys,
I meant to mention this ages ago, but as well as blogging here (of course!) you can now also find me blogging every week day on the Dress Up! blog: the exclusive blog for Style it Light, which is Diet Coke's new dedicated fashion hub on Yahoo.

Although I have a vested interest, I tell the truth when I say that it's actually a really good, and very readable fashion destination. You'll find features, columns from some of my fave bloggers and fashion writers, photo galleries to inspire (and make you feel serious wardrobe envy) and of course the blog, which I write in collaboration with Jen of The Style Crusader.

As the name implies, the blog is about dresses: dresses I covet, dresses I own, new trends and how to wear them! Why not pop over and say hello?!

Love, Tor x

PS - If that still isn't enough of my writing a week for you (i'm aware that at this point i'm only talking to my mum!) then don't forget that you can also finding me blogging for five times a week: talking about all things fashion and beauty, and usually compiling long shopping lists of things I wish I could buy!

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