Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Topshop outlet in the changing room: November edition

Hi Guys,
Thanks to some ill/well planned holidaying (depending on how you look at it!) I have a lot of leave to use, and am only working 3/4 day weeks between now and Christmas. This meant that on Monday I had the perfect opportunity to head to the Topshop Outlet whilst it was quiet, and try a few things on:
Excuse my terrible hair in these pics, I had been wearing a hat! The first dress was silk and chiffon and a bargain for £15. The floral top I wasn't so fond of, but again it was the bargainalicious price of £7, and would be perfect for summer holidays. It isn't all just summer clothes though. There was also some great outerwear to be had:
The leather sleeveless jacket was a bargain: originally £160, it was in the outlet for £30. The other jacket is from the Ashish diffusion line and was £80. Bare in mind that you get a BOGOF with these prices, so that effectively halves them. Because I have the two expenses of the wedding and Christmas to pay for, I resisted the lure of these lovely jackets (and believe me it was hard!) But then I was faced with something I couldn't resist:
These great khaki harem trousers were £5 (making them just £2.50 when you factor in the BOGOF) They're exactly what i've been looking for to wear on the plane/at the airport enroute to my honeymoon- yes, I am that organised and I do plan that far in advance! I plan on wearing them with a black vest, snake skin sandals and long line super-light grey cardigan: completely covered up but still lightweight and cool. For my free item I picked up a beach kaftan (also for a fiver) to wear over my bikinis.

I've said it before and i'll say it again (because I don't want anyone to be disappointed on my account) but the shop is small and the stock is hit and miss: some days I want everything, some days I can't find a single thing to buy. However if you're in the neighbourhood it's definitely worth checking out!

Love, Tor xx


sarahbetty said...

Wow, love the harem pants. They'd look amazing with everything from a silk blouse to a tight t-shirt.

I need to get me to that outlet!

Sarah Betty xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

The sleeveless leather jacket is a real bargain what a lovely way to pass a free day from work! BTW you are waaaayyy too organised about your wedding trousseaux I was never like that when I got married.

girlinthecity said...

sigh, how I miss the topshop outlet - need to get me a wee work trip down to london soon ;)

love the harems ... and that leather jacket, you were better than me for walking away!

a x

Lucie said...

love the trousers!