Tuesday, 9 November 2010

25% off everything at Dorothy Perkins!

Hi guys,
I'm a big fan of Dorothy Perkins: It's not as fashion forward as Topshop but the fit is better and more figure flattering (if you have boobs at least) and the price points are lower too. And this week they're offering 25% off everything on their website!

When there are discounts to be had, I always think it is the perfect time to stock up on things you need that you know you won't get in the sales anywhere else (until January at least) but that you need right now. Given the weather at the minute, that means warm coats and winter accessories! 25% is a good discount to get off your winter coat at this time of year, especially if last years is reaching the end of it's life. Sadly mine isn't, which is a shame as I really fancy a new winter coat! Here are my four faves from the DP website:
Stone coat, £75 (£56.25 with discount) Buckle front cape, £65 (£48.75 with discount) Cream patch fur coat, £85 (£63.75 with dicount) and camel cape, £65 (£48.75 with discount)

I've added a couple of capes because just about everyone I know is going crazy for them at the minute! Personally, I have a massive heart-quickening lust for that patchy fur coat. The pattern is beautiful and I love its grown up and simple shape.

To get your hands on 25% off everything use this link and code: DPVIPE at the checkout! This offer ends on 14th November, so get in quick!

Love, Tor xx


Kelly said...

I love a bit of DP's as you say good fit, and good price.
I got a voucher for 15% off for my bday but they are doing 25%? Know which one I'll use.


Crafty Nell said...

Ohh I'm a cape lover - that black one is lovely, quite different too as there are so many dupes on the High Street at the moment.

Penny X
Crafty Nell

Alison said...

DP always have really good online discounts! I think more companies should do it!

Harriet said...

I love Dotty P! That second cape is divine!