Monday, 1 November 2010

Taking the Heat with Aussie!

Hi guys,
As you can see, my bathroom shelf is like an Aussie (and Soap and Glory) shop. I've tried, and loved, all of their products: I love the peachy smell their coloured-hair products has and how easy to comb my hair is with just a little spritz of their leave in conditioner. My favourite product so far is the shine serum, which leaves my hair glistening and smooth, but not greasy at all.

So when Aussie sent me some of their new "Take the Heat" heat styling products and an invitation for me and my heat styled hair to an event on London Eye on Bonfire night, I knew i'd have to get creative. They also sent along this video, to give me some hair-spiration:

Determined to put the new "Take the Heat" products to the test, I decided to try something new with my hair (and something that i've never tried before, so it probably looks a bit ropey!) I decided to curl my hair using my straighteners. I know it's not a new phenomenon and people have been doing it for ages, but as I own curling tongs, I never saw the need to learn how to do it. However, having tried it, it really does give a different kind of curl. Here's how it looks:
Dodgy self-taken picture alert (and I hadn't put my mascara on either, so it doesn't look like I have any eyes!) But what do you guys think? The products made it feel really soft (so soft I had to add hairspray as I didn't trust it to hold!) and I quite like the softness of the waves. I usually wear my hair poker-straight but I quite like the curled look. Would love to hear your thoughts! Do I go straight or curly for the Bonfire night party?

Love, Tor xx


Laura said...

I've been using the heat spray for a while and I really like it - seems to be protecting my hair pretty well!

I like the curls, they're soft and pretty and I think they frame your face well. I'd wear it like that :)


Christina Sanders said...

The curls look great hon. Lovely to see you (although briefly) at the aussie event.