Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sarenza high heel race - vote for me!

Hi Guys,
Finally i've found a sport I might be good at: Sarenza is organising a High Heel Running Race. This is the third year they've run the event but the first they've opened it up to British teams as well as French ones: they're pitching it as a battle of our two great nations!

Can you believe that 79 French teams have entered, compared to just 10 British teams!? I decided to even the balance and enter my own team: Fabfrocks on Foot! Please click on this link and vote for me: I would love to give those French teams a run for their money! In total, 12 French teams and 12 English teams will be selected to take part and will have the chance of winning £2,500 of shoes in the High Heel Race Grand Final.

The French team and the English team with the highest number of votes will each receive a place in the Grand Final. Whilst their supporters will have the chance to win a year’s supply of shoes: yes, there are shoes to be won if you vote for me - don't say I don't know my bribery!

Here is some footage of last years event: looks amazing!
How fun does that look? And although i'm no Olympic sprinter, i'm a dab hand at running in heels: years of practice on the cobbles of Norwich have made me an all-terrain heel runner! I think I could definitely give those French girls a run for their money! So please vote for me using this link! All you have to do is click to vote and then click another link in a confirmation email - it will take less than a minute! And that ends my boring begging post...

Thanks guys!
Love, Tor xxx

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