Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ready for Christmas: The perfect clutch bag

Hi guys,
Tonight i'm going to a black tie dinner, which meant last night was a panic of digging out a suitable black dress and throwing together some accessories. I'm wearing a beaded dress from New Look with the Kurt Geiger fashionista shoes I had for my MA graduation two years ago. So far so good! The thing I struggled to find in the wardrobe though was a bag to go with my sleek black outfit: all my clutches are brightly coloured! So I decided to embrace the colour and just glam it up.
Here's the clutch i'll be carrying:
I picked the bag up from a car boot sale for 50p, and then pinned on the brooch centrepiece: a vintage brooch that was a gift from my parents last Christmas. I know i've said it before, but I love brooches and the versitility you get with them: you only have to add one to just about anything to make it look much more glam.

My clutch struggle made me realise I should invest in a black one before my plethora of Christmas parties though. So I indulged in my favourite pass-time of fantasy online shopping to find the perfect, detailed, show-stopping black clutch:
Left to right: River Island, £29.99, Dorothy Perkins, £24.50 , Asos, £26, Topshop, £65.

I know it's a massive rip off of the Alexander McQueen, but I really love the River Island knuckle duster clutch: it's the only way i'm going to get my hands on such an iconic piece, even if it is just the highstreet version! The Topshop one is expensive for what it is, but the embellishment on it is amazing. The DP bag has been reduced from £35, and I love the brooch style detailing on it, and I just had to include the feathers, as they're everywhere this season!

I think it might be time to hit the shops and buy some accessories!
Love, Tor xx


Pearl Westwood said...

You red bag looks fab with brooch, I am a huge brooch fan too x

Pearl Westwood said...
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teawithonesugarplease said...

A clutch bag is perfect when you don't want a strap to spoil the line of your dress. Good for you for not buying something new but shopped from your wardrobe.

Harriet said...

I really love the clutch - I lvoe the way you've pinned the brooch on yourself - very creative and it definitely gives the bag that little something extra!

viaam said...

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