Monday, 22 November 2010

Coats: A new, old obsession

Hi guys,
As you probably all know, I love coats, but this week everything that could go wrong with my collection has gone wrong! Firstly, I got a bit drunk and tore the lining of my Isabella Oliver coat to shreds. Then I wore my red military coat with an across-body bag over it, and the movement of the bag has ripped half the buttons off (half of them never to be seen again!) My leopard print coat has 1/2 length sleeves, so half of me is toasty warm and half of me is freezing. And my mohair coat from Warehouse is malting so badly that i'm leaving a trail of hair behind me where ever I walk: it's like all my coats decided to give up at the same time!

I can't really afford to replace my coat right now (I hadn't budgeted for needing a new one!) but in fantasy-shopping-land that doesn't matter: in fantasyland, all these designer coats could be mine!
Oh yes, orange Oscar de la Renta with fur trim. Yes! I love this coat with its vintage feel and heritage styling: it's more ladylike than I usually look for, but it could be so versatile. The shaggy Fendi fur is more obviously me, and has a real rock chick edge. I love the green/orange colour combo of the Kinder Aggugini cape/coat and the military detailing: will military coats ever stop being cool!?

In the real world for my replacement coat I will probably turn to trusty ASOS or Topshop. Here are my ASOS picks:
The military and fur trends seem especially easy to replicate on the highstreet: there are lots of great brass button details in almost every store. The fur and wool mix, especially with the vibrant colour too, is much harder to come by. my faves from above are the rich brown shaggy fur and the navy blue double breasted coat with the brown belt detail: I like a coat that draws into my waist.

I'm going to Bicester Village on Friday, to finish my Christmas shopping. I'm hoping that I might stumble across the perfect coat whilst i'm there!
Love, Tor xx


Alex said...

Just buy some new buttons for your military coat!

Retro Chick said...

Yes, new buttons spruce an old coat up no end!