Monday, 4 January 2010

Shoes: It's all gone a little bit tribal!

Firstly, happy new year! Sorry for starting the year in such a slack way post-wise (definitely not the way I plan to continue!) but we moved house on Thursday and my weekend has been spent unpacking boxes and persuading BT to connect my broadband - this hasn't happened yet. Grrr!!

Yesterday we took my younger sister out for a mini engagement lunch (she was proposed to on new years eve) and our lunch finished with a walk into Edgeware (to walk off the food!) where I inevitably ended up in the Topshop outlet. I really can't write enough good things about that shop! My star purchase was a pair of leather and suede zebra print tribal shoes: £15 and for the "one free" I got a black tuxedo jacket: that's just £7.50 an item! I can't get enough of these shoes:
The rrp on these was £75. On the jacket: £60. They are very much shoes of last Spring/Summers tribal trend, but it was love at first sight. I was also able to justify them as the move meant I had a massive wardrobe clearout and discovered I have no summer heels. And I decided that the "tribal" trend is just a slightly fancier version of the safari one, which, like nautical, is a trend that comes back in fashion every Spring/Summer anyway. With a wardrobe staple little black dress and some chunky wooden jewellery these will be perfect. Even if \i do say so myself!
Love Tor xx
PS-If you visit or plan on visiting the Topshop outlet then here is a heads up on a new policy change they have recently enforced. If you are buying more than 2 things, they no longer match up the relevant prices. Previously if you were buying two things for £20 and two things for £5 you would pay £25. However now you would pay £40, as the two £5 things would be free with the two£20 things, which you would have to pay for. I get around this buy either having someone else pay for the 2 cheaper items or by paying in separate transactions, a couple of minutes apart.
PPS - I know I said I would announce the winner of my Christmas giveaway on the 31st, but because of the above mentioned internet nightmares, I will be announcing the winner later today. Good luck everyone!!