Saturday, 9 January 2010

If you want to bag a bargain then head to the River Island sale

....but if you do then I think you'll have to be quick! Yesterday online and today in store, you can take an extra 50% off ALL the sale stock in River Island. And there are plenty of bargains to be had! I was really surpised by how much variety of stock was still left in store, and in a full range of sizes too.

I've only just got back from Brent Cross and can't be bothered to try everything on (again!) and take photos, so here is what I got laid out flat, to give you an idea of what's available:
Silky embellished vest. Was £34.99, sale price £10. Today price: £5Snake print boyfriend blazer. Was £54.99, sale price £10. Today price: £5
Frilly cut out Dress. Was £44.99, sale price £20, today price: £10
Butterfly pattern ankle socks. (They made me think of Alice in Wonderland!)Was £3.99, sale price £1.50. Today price: 75p
And this is my favourite piece of all, and the biggest bargain too. Buttery soft stud detail leather jacket. Was £160, sale price £75. Today price: £37.50.

There is alot more available instore than online, although if you go to Brent Cross you may find the staff are rude to you: my sister wanted to buy a pair of trousers (as well as hundreds of other things) and everything except them came up at half the lowest price. When asked why they weren't too (I suspect they just hadnt programmed the till properly) she was spoken to so rudely ("I wont be changing my views for you, little madam" were the exact words) that she left everything and walked out of the shop. I bet they're waiting on the edge of their seats for my angry letter!

Although I am guilty of impulse-buying things I don't really need (the snake blazer and ankle socks for example) I think it's important to use the sales to your advantage and only buy things that fill a gap in your wardrobe. I've been snapping up cute tops to wear with jeans, having invested in my first pair for years last month and have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for a while: I have a "pleather" one but it feels horrible, both to touch and against the skin. This one is soft as butter, flattering and fabulous: it was love at first sight!

And with that the shopping crew (my boyfriend, sister and I) shook hands and decided that I now have everything I need, and my shopping ban can begin. It's going to be really hard and I will have to lay down some proper rules and need lots of support but i'm determined to do it. (I make it sound like I have a drug addiction!) More on the shopping ban on Monday.

Love, Tor xx


Kb said...

Good luck!

Helen Cox said...

Love, love, love those butterfly tights. I don't frequent River Island unless it's for bags/shoes but may now need to have a look in!!!

Rosemary Mac Cabe said...

I tried a shopping ban last year. I last for around two months I think, and had cut out everything "consumery" that wasn't a necessity. So no books, mags, clothes, shoes, accessories... I found it really difficult, but not just difficult, I found it really boring! Also it was impossible to go into shops without sinking into a deep depression!

That said, I will try to be encouraging :D

Mette [Spitzenklasse] said...

oh, how I miss England !

Better go check if they ship to Denmark....


KD said...

I think you do need that blazer and socks, little madam. ;-) That leather jacket is such a super score!


I ordered some stuff online yesterday from River Island and I got so much for my money with the extra 50% off! I love the dress and top that you got!
Claudia xxx

The Style PA said...

I need to go to River Island immediately!!! I never usually find a bargain in there - what's changed?

Make Do Style said...

Great buys and no how rude were they!!

Okay when it comes to not spending the word ban should be banned.

Make it a positive choice. I always think of it as opting out for a while!

randomlondongirl said...

Woooowww! I love the things you have bought, esp the silky blouse, the dress and the leather jacket. What amazing bargains too! I think you are right about sale buys filling the gaps in your wardrobe. Good luck with the shopping ban. I tried and I failed! January is a bad time to go on it you know with all these sales hehe.

Claire said...

I can't believe that woman in River Island! How rude! I hope someone from RI reads this!

jhon said...

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