Sunday, 24 January 2010

Make up: What's your workspace state of mind?

I was thinking today about blogging, and more specifically about the situation in which I write my blog. I am lucky enough to have a home studio complete with sewing machines and space, desk and shelves and shelves full of fashion books. Yet I always write the blog with my laptop on my knees on the sofa (yes, that is where I am now!)

Creativity-wise, where I blog isn't that important to me. And yet, when it comes to putting my make up on there is only one place I can be: my dressing table. Chaos it might be, but it's an organised chaos and everything has its own special place. It's an oasis of products and quiet, where one stroke with the right brush could turn me into Cinderella (it hasn't yet, but i'm still confident it could!)
I'm sure this sounds superficial, but I feel like my dressing table is a tiny reflection of me; complete with its shabby chaos and its birds and bird cages everywhere! I love perfume and layering scents on top of each other, so i'm lucky to have a boyfriend who indulges my whims and gifts me with lots of lovely smells. The latest two (both to be recommended) are the Marc Jacobs Lola (a Christmas gift from my parents) and the Anna Sui from the bf
On days when i'm running late I put my make up on on the tube, and even though I don't actually wear an awful lot of make up, it leaves me feeling all out of sorts! I think its the calming affect of having ten minutes at my dressing table that makes me feel good about myself, rather than the actual make up itself!

What about you: do you have any routine you couldn't live without, however trivial?

Love, Tor xxx


Claire said...

I'm very much a breakfast person! The first thing I do in the morning is wake up, scoff down some porridge and sit in the kitchen with a cup of tea and the newspaper in the early morning peace :) It's important to have that ten minutes aside by yourself every day - don't know about you but definitely keeps me sane!


Sarah-Rose said...

I'm not a morning person at all and yet I get up super super early. People are baffled but it's all so I have enough time to go through my routine and get everything sorted. And then have half an hour to sit down with breakfast and the news before I leave the house.

But it's the makeup and perfume routine that really makes it all. If I skip one step then I end up all out of sorts and I'm likely to forget mascara or blush or something.

Also - I've sworn off buying perfumes until I use some of my current ones up completely. I have a basket that lives under the bathroom sink (I'm terrified of the perfume being degraded by the light) and it is FULL. I think I had 16 perfumes at last count. That's just too too many.