Monday, 11 January 2010

Question: What do you wear on a first date?

I try not to be too perscriptive when dresses for situations. As far as i'm concerned there is no set thing you should wear to a wedding or a job interview. But today a friend emailed me a question i'm sure hundreds of women the world over ask everyday, and I thought I would have a go at answering it:

What would you wear for a date with a boy you really like?

My initial answer to this was a hundred questions (starting with "who is this boy!?") Where is the date? When is the date? Where are you going? Because not only am I nosey, but I also don't think there is one answer to what you wear on a first date without knowing all the facts, and by answering these simple questions with your wardrobe in mind you can easily work out the answer yourself!

1. Where is the date geographically?
Is it near your house or a trek across town? In Covent garden (think hundreds of cobbles!) or at the top of several flights of stairs? There is nothing more off putting for any chap (so i'm told!) than a girl who can't walk in her shoes or complains constantly about her feet. So if you know there's going to be lots of walking keep your heels low or sneak a pair of flats in your handbag for the long walk home!

Similarly if you know your going to be bar hopping, talking a long bus home or going for a romantic walk then don't forget your coat! It might not look that chic with your carefully prepared outfit and we all know any truly chivalrous man will offer you his anyway, but you'll always be that girl who made him get frostbite and a nasty cold!! Not a good first-date look!

2.When is the date?
A Saturday night date gives you more time to prep, and I always think you can dress up a bit more for a weekend date than you can for an afterwork bite to eat! (Especially given most girls glam up on a Saturday night, even if they're just going to the pub!)


Of course if you are meeting straight from the office then redoing your hair and makle up, and even full outfit changes are normal, but (in my opinion) off putting; who has their full Saturday night make up and a sparkly dress on at 6.30pm on a Tuesday night? I would suggest your normal work outfit but with a few updating touches: an attention grabbing necklace, swap those heels for flats, change your top and you're ready to go!

3. Where are you going?
So you have on your slinkiest body con dress....and then he takes you for a five course dinner. What looked all svelt and slinky isn't looking so good with a food and wine stuffed pot belly is it? If you know your going to be dining out and (like me) your tummy expands a little when you eat then make sure your wearing something that fits a little looser on your middle.


Going on an old school bowling and hot dog date? Then leave the short skirts at home! Noone wants to see your knickers everytime you throw a ball. And if he does on a first date then he's probably not the kind of chap I would approve of you dating anyway (I'm very fussy!)!!
Actually I would avoid any kind of skirt when bowling; I promise you bowling shoes don't make anyones legs look attractive!

All it takes is a little bit of thought and a little bit more logic, and choosing what to wear for the perfect date is easy. And above all, make sure that your comfortable. If you feel your best in jeans then wear jeans; you can dress denim up for almost any occasion, so there's no need to borrow or buy a skirt or dress than makes you feel uncomfortable and not like you. Because if he doesn't like you then its time to send him back where you found him anyway!!

4. Boobs or legs but not both!


I hate style rules but this is one I will stick to 'til the end of my days. I don't believe "if you've got it flaunt it!" In fact, my mother taught me that having it was a very good reason indeed not to flaunt it at all. But if you do want to show off your never ending legs or your cracking cleavage then pick one and keep the other covered up; looking like a glamour model isn't classy and it isn't clever. Unless you are a glamour model of course. In which case it's probably a good idea to look like one!

5. It's all a matter of personal taste.
What's perfect for one person will make another cringe: that's the fabulous, subjective, interesting, different thing about fashion! Here's my perfect date outfit:


What's your go-to date outfit? Do you have any tips to add to this?

Love, Tor xx

Outfit 1: All from Oasis
Outfit 2: All from Topshop
Outfit 3: All from New Look

Outfit 4: Various highstreet stores


Dream Sequins said...

These are lovely collages. The Mr. and I are checking out a chic restaurant this week, so I'll have to adopt some of your tips ;)

Make Do Style said...

Good looks and your bunny ears made me cry for my Sonia Rykiel H&M bow thing which broke after a day!

fashion herald said...

These are great, and perfect for first dates. I tend towards the denim look, but you're so right, depends on which night!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

These are great looks for any first date! It all depends where the date is, but these were definitely on the spot with most types of first dates!

john said...

First dates are the most memorable. You really have to look fabulous because you don't want to ruin the first impression of your date.
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ChicChick said...

I like how you picture each piece of the outfit. thanks for the outfit inspiration : )

Eve Maria said...

great post, I love your sense of humour. I adore that blue dress.

karensmith said...

These are fabulous finds! I'd love to wear these on my dates. :)

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