Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sale review: Topshop

I've come to the table a little late with the sales this year, what with moving house and spending Christmas in deepest darkest Lincolnshire. I'm sure this means i've missed a lot of the best deals in the sales and all the good stuff will be sold out. The bonus of this, however, is that everything has gone even cheaper in the past couple of days, so there are more bargains to be had!!

I walked past Topshop on my lunchbreak today, and couldn't resist a little peak inside to see what they had on the sale racks. There is always considerably more available in a size 10 than there seems to be in a size 14 (I think this is true of London stores in a way it isn't in the regions) but nonetheless, here is the best of what was available:

I love the haunted house top and the stripey dress looked much better in "real life" than I managed to capture in a photograph. The first cardigan is a little too masculine for my tastes and the second cardigan just didn't seem to fit very well!

But my favourite piece of them all was this one, which was sadly too small for me to try on. It's very very heavy and covered in sequins with sharp shoulders and double zip details. It is an absolute bargain at £40, having previously been £150.

Love is this jacket! It's also worth noting that all of the feather-fur jackets and coats I spent the back end of last year lusting after have been reduced to £40. It took more will power than you can imagine not to buy one, but I definitely don't need a new jacket. If you're in the market for one though, it is definitely a good place to look!

Love, Tor xx

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Make Do Style said...

I'm not spending - although when you've earned no money and have no funds this isn't a surprise!