Monday, 25 January 2010

Fabfrocks loves Kenzo: A rare glimpse at a menswear collection

I don't normally closely follow the menswear shows (it's my secret shame!) but when I saw the new Kenzo collection on Saturday I realised it's probably time I paid a little more attention! This is exactly how I would love the man of my dreams to dress: The collection is very 50's inspired, I love the pairing of the Doc Marten boots with the more tailored suit trousers. Skinny ties are a particular favourite, and I love the cherry red leather in both the boots and the gloves. It is the perfect masculine but attention grabbing accent colour for the variety of shades and patterns of grey.

I love the long double breasted blazers, but the soft grey zip up biker style jacket is also versitile and wearable. I also think it's quite androgenous: I would love to wear that myself! It also helps that the models are very beautiful: this definitely holds my attention to any collection!

The overall looks are very strong but there are aspects here that could be incorporated into any gentlemans wardrobe: I can see a pair of cherry red leather gloves going straight onto the boyfriends birthday present list! This has also reignited my love affair with D Martens.

I think I might make a belated new years resolution to get more involved in the menswear shows - yum!

Love, Tor xx


KD said...

Doc Martens + slim-cut suits = automatic win.

Tamsin said...

I love these! Those red boots & gloves = hot.