Friday, 29 January 2010

Daily wear: buttery-soft show off!!

My daily wear posts seem like buses at the minute: none for ages and then two come along in the same week! The real reason I am posting this is to show off the leather jacket I wrote about getting from River Island in the January sales:


It really is as soft as butter and I love the waterfall lapels: the gentle draping seems to minimize my bust and is very flattering around my waist. I dont think this outfit is showing it off to its best though, because I have a seriously thick cardigan underneath!

The cardigan is from a charity shop in Norwich: I love it! I got it many moons ago, and Becky got a very similar one at th same time (Matching=cool, ok!) I've teamed it with a dress from primark and the knee high boots you have seen me wear a million times before: they're just so comfy when I want a heel but know i'm going to do lots of traipsing around!

Oh, and what is that around my neck?? Yes, it's the bat skull necklace I lusted after back in November! My boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas, but unfortunately it isn't nickle free (and I am allergic to nickle) so I wore it once and couldn't wear it again. However last week I finally got around to changing the chain and now I can wear it all the time!

And one more oh: check out my new hair! I wanted it really light (I believe my exact words were gaga blonde) and four hours later, this is what I got! I have to go back on Saturday to have it toned one more time (its yellower than I would like at the front) but then it will be perfect! For a dramatic look I teamed it with WendyB-red lips!

Have a great Friday!

Love, Tor x


Nicola said...

Oooohhh foxy! xx

Claire said...

The Blonde is awesome!! Great hair colour... wish I could go blonde (although I guess I'd look massively washed out). Lovely jacket too.

Make Do Style said...

Great hair colour!

No show not taken place yet! You should be getting an invite.

Louise said...

Love the hair, it's so striking and looks great with the red lipstick!

KD said...

Ooooh yes, I was going to comment on the make-up/hair! You look fantastic! And that jacket was certainly a find! Super outfit.

WendyB said...

I thought the hair was Gaga-esque before you said it!

teawithonesugarplease said...

You can go brighter - higher maintenance but worth it for the stunning effect - go Ga Ga


Love the outfit!
Claudia xxx

The Style PA said...

Hair looks fabulous! Especially with that red lipstick!