Thursday, 21 January 2010

Obsession of the day: Wedge ankle boots

Like most people that like fashion I have obsessions; little fixations, if you will. They are pointless and shallow and mean nothing in the grander scheme of things, when earthquakes can take everything you have. But when I have one of my little fixations i'm like a dog with a bone: I can't let anything go!
For the past couple of months I have been fixating on wedge ankle boots. Everytime I get dressed, everything I wear, I mentally tell myself it could look better if I had those boots on my feet. I especially wanted the Ashish @ Topshop ones and now I am seeing them everywhere, and the more I see the more I want.
I want them high and severe: even the Rick Owens ones I used to lust after seem too tame to me now. In dream money shopping world these Acne ones (above) are the ones I will stomp about in (these boots are made for stomping!) and I like the unusual white sole detail and the laces. These are sleek shoes. On the highstreet I would plump for these instead:
I can only find a picture of the tan one online, but they do have these in black instore. Of course, they're from Topshop.
Someone emailed me saying it was "awful" that I could be so shallow as to sit here and write about clothes after what had happened in Haiti. Like it was my fault (it wasn't, by the way). I won't be responding to that email but I will say this: Isn't it amazing that we can sit at our computers and be so selfish and so shallow? I feel good about that today because of all the people that can't, not in spite of them.
Kate @Make do Style had the fab idea that we bloggers should ask any PR types that get in touch we should ask them to make a donation to Haiti in exchange for promoting their products (if we wanted to promote them anyway of course, i'm not suggesting we write about stuff we don't like!) I've already done this once this week, and thought it was such a good idea I would share: it's a particularly good way of giving if you're too broke to dig into your own rent/food money!

Love, Tor xx

PS - The Principles review is coming, it's just taking me longer to work on than I thought! Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor,
I completely understand your obsession with wedge ankle boots! I bought these babies from Aldo and I am indeed in love.

Being 6 ft I really worry about wearing heels but I just couldn't resist these and at a quarter of the price of the lovelyyy acne ones how could I refuse!


Make Do Style said...

Oh some people are so mean - how ridiculous everything carries on regardless doesn't mean we don't care. That person should be emailing the UN and the US Army for being so f***** incompetent at getting aid in to the Haitians.

btw - you'd look great in wedges x

KD said...

It doesn't make sense to stop blogging or thinking about fashion because of a terrible earthquake. Hopefully such a horrible natural disaster will open your (as in everybody's) eyes, and I see that for you it has - it just impresses upon us how incredibly lucky we are to be able to blog and think about fashion.

Sister Wolf said...

So sorry that some idiot scolded you for wanting wedges. IF only you wore a size 10 you could "acquire" the huge ones I bought and will never ever wear, for fear of falling.

Dressed and Pressed said...

I love wedges too! We could be wedge sisters (Sistas of da Wedge?). I saw some beuatiful tan peeptoe ones in Zara and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Unfortunately they're all sold out in my size. But i shall be stalking them until they become available again.

As for the self-righteous earthquake bore - what are you supposed to do, bury yourself in a pile of rubble in sympathy? We are lucky to be here blogging about shoes. That's why we do it. And great idea about getting the PRs to donate. I'll be doing that too.