Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Daily wear: feeling a little bit French!

This is the outfit I wore to work yesterday: I put on a proper skirt to symbolise the move from lazing around at home mode to "back to work" mode. This outfit makes me feel a little bit French for two reasons, and only one is because I am wearing a cropped breton tee. The other is that this looks just like an outfit worn by my favourite French blogger; le blog de big beauty. She really is one of the most beautiful plus sized women I have ever seen! (For some reason blogger is struggling to add links, but you can find her in my blog roll to your right!) She has her own distinctive way of wearing everything. Here I am wearing her look my way!

The obligatory full length shot: A close up of the new skirt:
The jewellery:
Fur deer stalker, Matalan £2, Mohair coat, Warehouse £60, Navy skirt, Matalan £2, Cropped breton oversized tee, Newlook £8, Boots, Evans 20. The leather gloves are from primark the bag is from Joy and the necklaces are from all over the place!

Although I am wearing a skirt and top here and usually I wear dresses, when I saw myself in this outfit this morning I felt that it summed up my overall look; a little bit smart, but a lot scruffy, a nod to trends, and lots of dark colours, but not worn in a gothic way. Oh, and Coco Chanel's idea that you should always take off a piece of jewellery obviously passed me by: I prefer to pile it on!

You may notice a new location for my daily wear pictures too: this is taken in front of the balcony of my new flat (it was too cold to go outside!) But I think this will prove to be a regular spot for taking my pictures when it warms up!

Love, Tor xx


Dream Sequins said...

I love the sweet jewelry you paired with your Frenchie work outfit :)

Make Do Style said...

Great outfit - yeah ignore rules!!