Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, New You: Power plating

I know it's a horrible cliche, and I too cringe when I hear the phrase "new year, new you" but it's true that now is the time when a lot of us are thinking about changing our diets, or getting fit and healthy.
In December I tried powerplating for the first time, and I enjoyed it so much I intend to combine twice weekly visits with a less chocolate intensive diet for a healthier happier new me.
Powerplating is basically vibration training: the classes last just 25 minutes during which time you stand on your vibrating powerplate holding poses such as lunges and crunches. The sessions are lead by specialist instructors (mine was very nice and explained everything clearly) Your muscles contract and relax 30-50 times a second, hence the high speed training. 10 minutes on a Power Plate is worth an hour in the gym. As I got of the machine my legs were shaking and the following morning I had the comfortable ache that comes with a decent work out: but without any of the hard work (I barely broke a sweat during my session!)
If you want to give it a go then Good Vibes (the company I used) offer free trial sessions for first time users. They also have great packages (one guarentees that you'll drop a dress size!) and discounts for off peak users. It doesn't seem like going into a gym; it has a more cozy and personal feel. And the classes are a maximum of 5 people, so even the session feels intimate and you get plenty of attention from the instructor who can tell you whether you're doing it right!
The price of powerplating is really the main con to giving it a go, as if you choose to pay as you go then each session costs £20, but when you think about how much you waste every month on gym memberships you never use, it could well pay to try it; at least then you've in control of how and when you exercise and how much it costs you as well!
I am hoping to lose a stone and a half but i'm not rushing myself: all at my own pace! I'll let you know when I reach my target!

Love, Tor xx
*Images taken from Good Vibes website.


everybodysaysdont said...

I'm very tempted by this, I love the idea of any exercise that's quick! Good luck. x

Di said...

There's lots of information on this website http://www.vibration-training-advice.com/