Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pizza express: Eat pizza, stay thin!

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I am on a health kick this year and have started watching what I eat and exercising three times a week: I don't want to be 'skinny' and don't think that anyone should be pressured to be thin, but I want to tone up!
This should mean that pizza is off the table. So you can imagine how excited I was when Pizza Express got in touch asking if I wanted to attend an event where I can make and eat a pizza which has only 500 calories from their new Leggaria range(this is basically a pizza with a hole in the middle filled with salad) alongside a 100 calorie (!) glass of wine as well as meet a nutritionist and a life coach.

I sat with the lovely Reda and Harriet of Where is Harriet ( We chatted about blogging and were then joined by the nutritionalist who helped develop the leggara and the life coach respectively. They were both lovely and I learnt that it is not OK to just have a banana for breakfast (i'm now having wholegrain toast with my banana, starting this morning) and that the reason I don't feel hungry in the morning is because i'm eating too late at night. I also learnt to think positively during exercise to maintain my motivation.
Then we went to get our hands dirty in our pizza making masterclass:

I am a terrible pizza maker but Mike (the handsome pizzaiola) was great. He taught us how to toss the dough and the secrets of the leggara: how to cut the hole in the middle, and the low fat cheese that still tastes great, but keeps the calories down. And then he let us go crazy with the toppings!
And here is my completed pizza: yummy cheesy goodness but without the guilt!

It was a really fun and educational event, and though I still don't think we can say we're on a diet and eat pizza everyday, it's nice to know that the option is there when you want a guilt-free treat.
Love, Tor x


Daisy said...

Wow thats fantastic, interesting, yummy and lots of info!!!

WendyB said...

And if they replaced the WHOLE pizza with salad, it would be even fewer calories!

Lois Lane said...

The problem with Leggara pizzas though is that if you're dining with a man, or boy if like me you don't know any males that have fully grown up yet, they get the full fat version and I don't know about you but I eat mine and then start 'helping' them with theirs.. they love it I'm sure.

J said...

Looks fab, was soo gutted I couldn't make it xx

Anonymous said...

what a divine thing!

Nicola said...

Ahh it looks like lots of fun, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) x

Harriet said...

Hey, it was so great meeting you on tuesday, I had such a great evening! I hope you made it to all your Australia parties, and congrats on managing the toast in the morning - keep it up!