Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Competition: Does your boyfriend have great hair?

Does your fella have great hair? It is thick and glossy? Does it fill you with envy? My boyfriend has a shaggy mane of lovely locks: he even uses hair straighteners (sorry Mike, the secret is out!) and there have been Saturday nights when it has taken him longer to do his hair than it takes me to do mine!This is cricketer Kevin Peitersen. Not my boyfriend!
He also uses products: possibly as many as I do! On the subject of products for men, the whole Brylcreem range has just had a complete style overhaul, fronted by England cricketer Kevin Peitersen, and they're on the hunt for a number of guys to show off some of their new Brylcreem products via a fantastic new competition over on their Facebook page. [ http://www.facebook.com/Brylcreem ]
All they’re asking is for fans to tell them where good hair has got them, and submit a photo of themselves to accompany the story – have they pulled a girl way out of their league, blagged it into a club or got even further than that? At first I thought it was ridiculous that hair could get blokes any of these things, but then I thought about the power of hair: a good hair style really can't be underestimated!!
The four selected Brylcreem boys will not only be filmed for the Brylcreem website demonstrating how to use the products, but they will also win an amazing style package worth over £1000 [2 hours personal shopping at selected House of Fraser stores with vouchers worth £500 to spend in store, a haircut at a local salon, a D&G watch, an 8GB Apple iPod Nano and one year's subscription to GQ magazine!]. Ten runners-up will each win a year's supply of Brylcreem products.

Not a bad prize for some lucky handsome chap!
Love, Tor xxx


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LOL Brilliant!

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