Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fabfrocks loves Victoria Shearing Millinery

With the news of my sisters engagement spreading through the family camp like wildfire, all family talk recently is of weddings: what to wear, what she should wear, where, get the idea!
So it struck me as funny when a press release about Victoria Shearing Millinery Launching her Debut Bridal Collection landed in my inbox this morning. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link: One look at the designs and I found them so beautiful I knew I had to share:

I love the third one especially (the veil crown) which is very much to my sisters taste: the feathers and the flamoyance are more for me really!!

Victoria Shearing ( creates stunning and unique couture head pieces, fascinators and tiaras for special occasions. Designed and hand crafted in her studio, Victoria uses her creativity and knowledge of millinery and haberdashery to create both seasonal collections and bespoke pieces.

All head pieces are hand blocked, individually hand trimmed and lined to a high specification not found on the high street.

I initially clicked selflessly thinking of my sister, but that didn't last long! I might have Victoria design our headpieces for the wedding, and then I (and other bridesmaid/sister Amie) can steal the show!! (Insert evil laugh here!)
Of course i'm joking, but if you do have a wedding to go to then I think you could do a lot worse than one of these beautiful handmade headpieces, for not much more money than a mass produced one from the highstreet!
Love, Tor xx

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