Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New season Topshop: this week's picks

Ok, so there's no professional photographer like the last time (just me with the usual camera phone angles!) but here are all my favourite things from my obligatory weekly trip to topshop (this obsession has to stop!!)
I'm really impressed with almost everything in Topshop at the minute, and I know the prices keep creeping up and up (they seem to be doing that everywhere!) but is it just me or has the quality gotten better? Certainly almost everything has great little details to make even the pickiest happy and the fabric quality of everything I tried on was luxurious and soft as a babies...

Floral jersy dress, £28. I love this dress, I just wish that it had been in a thicker material to make it more suitable for winter: look at me with my practical head on!

Deer Sweater, £25. I wish I could be a jumper and jeans kind of girl. I just dont have the kind of body shape that suits trousers! But if I was, then it would be this deer jumper all the way! I tried this on in a 12 (it was all they had!) and I think it would look better bigger and slouchier but i'm such a sucker for animals printed on anything. Floral tulip dress, £45. I know it makes my hips look big and all, but I love this dress! Yum!Sequin biker jacket, £85. Love is this jacket. Soft but heavy and buttery coloured and perfect for matching with everything. Not perfect for wearing in wind or rain or snow or any adverse weather condition, but perfect nonetheless.
Now i've promised myself no more topshop shopping (or any shopping in fact!) until the Christopher Kane for Topshop collection lands on the 18th September. I have to save my pennies! And that means I can't even walk into topshop until then; i'll only be tempted! Still, that crocodile dress will be mine!!
Love, Tor xx


MargieF said...

I tried on that sequin biker jacket and fell in love...but you are right, its so impractical for winter and even going out as i always get drinks spilled down me lol...

Make Do Style said...

I agree prices are creeping up everywhere!

I'm going to have a quick pop into the mecca that is TS at Oxford Circus tomorrow to check it out! I won't be buying - well maybe a necklace.