Wednesday, 9 September 2009

3 questions with Fearne Cotton: launch part 1

Hi Guys,

Last night was the launch of Fearne Cotton's collection for Whilst at the collection launch party I was lucky enough to have five minutes with Fearne. She seemed really lovely and really pleased with the way the evening, and her collection, had turned out. Here are three my questions about the collection answered by the lady herself:

There's nothing like standing next to a gorgeous celebrity to make you feel like a very ordinary young lady!

What inspired you when you started your sketches for the collection? (OK, so we're starting with an obvious one!)

FC: Well, I think a lot of my inspiration came from the 70s, it all has a very 70s vintage feel. I was inspired by the music, by David Bowie and photos of my mum, of the way my mum looked and dressed in the 70s.

TB: What is your favourite piece from the collection?

FC: I really like this (points to the Leopard print coat) I think it's gorgeous, I almost can't wait for it to get colder so that I can wear it (laughs) I also like the black coat which is being launched in the mid-season collection that went down the catwalk earlier.

I told Fearne that the leopard print coat was my favourite piece from the collection too (and it is!) Great minds think alike!!

TB: Is there any piece that didn't turn out the way you imagined when you created your original sketch?

FC: Ooh contraversial question! No, there isn't actually, I like the way the whole collection turned out. During the creation of the collection the team at very put together some samples that we didn't like or didn't think worked but they didn't make it beyond that stage. I'm very happy with everything that made it to the final selection.

NB: If I had to choose the least successful piece in the collection it would be the silver floral and stripe dress. Although I will admit it looked much nicer when you could see the detailing up close, it's very off putting that it photographed so badly; anything that's going to make Fearne Cotton look bad certainly isn't going to look good on me!

My full review of the collection and the launch event is coming up next.

Love, Tor xxx


KD said...

She seems sweet. :-) I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!

everybodysaysdont said...

You look lovely Tor! You don't look ordinary! I like the leopard print coat too - I wonder if there will lots of people wearing them this winter - I'm tempted!