Thursday, 17 September 2009

Daily wear: All these pieces maketh a rock chick!

This is just a very quick post because, due to London Fashion Week kicking off tomorrow (yay!), I am giving myself a half a day off from blogging. I'm eating soup and reading a book instead; oh the glamour! This evening I have been invited by ethical fashion designer Choolips to a reception first and then the show of their new collection. It should be fun fun fun! Here is what i'm wearing in pieces (I think Susie B would call them the "deets") because there is noone to photograph the whole look: Biker jacket from topshop, leather tassel scarf from topshop, grecian dress from dorothy perkins, bag from joy, boots from doc martin.
The close up of my face is to demonstrate the benefit smokin' eyes kit I reviewed a couple of weeks ago-I have literally used it everyday since it arrived! I also feel I should note that wearing these boots is like walking on clouds: you would literally have to wrench them from my feet if you wanted to take them away!
I will be posting like crazy whenever I can during LFW, as i'm taking my laptop with me, so keep checking back for my, probably completely incoherent, updates. Or if you can't stand all this LFW hype, then check back on Wednesday, when normal bloggy service will resume! I will also be launching a new competition over the weekend, so watch out for it!
Love Tor x
PS -when I (in like a billion zillion years!! Sorry my inner child finds this icky grown up stuff frightening!) get married and have kids, I will be able to prove to my kids that their mum wasn't always a dork because i'm going to London fashion week!! Wooo!!!
PPS- Did I mention: woooooo!!!!


Make Do Style said...

Have fun and enjoy fashion week. I'm too entrenched in my MA this year to even think about it - so get all the goss for me please!

The eye make up is brilliant - you do it so well. I must get some and you can give me lessons!

Sarah-Rose said...

Love the outfit and not just because I uh own and adore the boots and the jacket is currently somewhere between the UK and New Zealand.

Also? your eye makeup looks amazing. Holy eyelashes Batman!

Cherryred said...

I have just discovered your blog and i really love reading it.
Quick question, are your boots very comfortable? I would love to buy a pair but would need to wear them everywhere and be able to walk in them.