Friday, 25 September 2009

I found another outlet store!

I accidentally did it again! I was wandering down Oxford street (i'd been on a specific trip to buy a new jacket that i'll share later!) when I walked into that little shopping complex halfway down near Tottenham court road (I wish I could remember what it was called!!) and found another outlet store: this time a Warehouse one! Yes, I found a warehouse outlet store!
Everything in store is discounted, with prices starting at £5. I actually didn't buy anything, but I tried on loads of stuff! There was lots of summer dresses and skirts, as you'd expect in this kind of store when the seasons are all confused, but there was also a small collection of winter coats and lots of gorgeous party dresses!
I was tempted by the white graffitti print dress, but as I had just bought my new jacket (yes, it gets two mentions, it's that good!) Still, I can definitely see this store being added to my visit list whenever I visit Oxford street! Like all outlet stores, it isn't the place to go if you're looking for something specific, but it is great for browsing and spontaneous purchases without breaking the bank!
Love, Tor xx


Make Do Style said...

Good find - these places are interesting! Have a nice weekend in Norwich - say hi to Becky

MargieF said...

I always find places like that tucked away...not so much in leeds though:(

caroltang said...

hi may i know what is the name of the shopping complex that has the Warehouse outlet?? im planning to go london in september n hope to go there..