Saturday, 12 September 2009

Vogue's fashion night out: Marks and Spencer style!

If you would like to read about what went on in the fancy pants stores of London Town on Vogue's fashion night out, then I would suggest you checked here, here, or here.
I'm more of a highstreet kind of girl myself, and because the details of the topshop event didn't hold much interest, I spent most of my evening with the store that could arguably be described as the queen of the British high street: Marks and Spencer.
M&S went all out, and put on quite a show: you could enter the store through a special red carpeted catwalk entrance (see below) and the evening saw catwalk shows (with goody bags for the VIPs that won tickets with their shopping) trend workshops, champagne and nibbles and little boots behind the DJ booth; quite a lot of entertainment from one store, i'm sure you'll agree!!
I exhausted my camera by taking photographs in Primark (see yesterdays posts) so I didn't get any images of the best of the action, but here is the entrance, the catwalk primed for action and the free champagne bar:
I also fell in love with this barbie pink leather dress from the new M&S limited collection. The colour is awesome, it had a leopard print lining and it was as soft as butter. I think I could rock it! If only £149 could magically land in my lap....

The rest of the night was equally fun; the whole of Oxford Street had an unusual air of excitement about it. As I walked past La Senza I realised the mannequin in the window had been replaced by a model: I only realised this when she frightened the life out of me by winking at me! Outside Selfridges was a freezing cold looking (but very beautiful!) Agent Provocateur model drawing quite a crowd and I had one of those surreal "zoolander" moments, because just yards away from her was a crowd of protestors. It's not for me to say whether they were wrong or right, but I did snigger to myself as the line "it's not right at these events; ugly protesters bothing beautiful people" popped into my head. It really is one of my favourite films! I then popped down to topshop for a handful of yummy cadburys chocolates (and to return a torn dress- boo!) before heading home.

Anyway there it is; my fashion night out in all of its glory. It might not have been full of glamour, but it was full of fun!!

Love, Tor xxxx


MargieF said...

I really like that leather dress as well but im afraid that if i try it on and like it i wont rest until i buy it:S

Make Do Style said...

Oh yes they did good work!

I must go and see the wares in M&S.

KD said...

That leather dress is gorgeous and it would look soooo good on you!