Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What I learnt from New York fashion week....

...Is that I want to dress myself head to toe in the new Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.

You can see this collage bigger here.

I used to love clashing fuschia with orange in my late teens and once said those would be the colours my wedding dress would be (I also toyed with orange and lime green, remember when that was all the rage? Those are also the colours of my parents bathroom.)
The African inspired fabrics are reminiscent of the Gadofka collection I fell in love with months ago, only, well, the only way I can think to put it is more marc; Africa in downtown New York and nowhere near a Savannha (unless that's a bar in New York that I don't know about - how great it would be to be making a witty cultural reference like a "cool person" and not even knowing!) The clashing patterns and the 5 million trends all at once feel of the collection is perfect for me: I can never make my mind up and often throw all the trends I like all together. (today i'm wearing a peasant dress with DMs and a tan belt!) The collection is perfect. Sigh! I am also a big fan of the bunny bow, and will be attempting to replicate this look using my giant yellow Johnny loves Rosie bow. If only i'd gotten the fuscia one too! I have a lovely thick length of black fabric and I can see some bunny-bow experimentation happening in a living room near here (ie mine!) soon! I can see aspiring Etsy millionaires doing exactly the same thing, and I bet we will see an abundance of these things on the highstreet in Spring - you heard it here first!
Other things I learned from New York fashion week: That lady gaga is almost certainly certifiably insane, that Dazed and Confused seem to throw the best parties, and that we all have to talk about Rodarte. As much as we possibly can. You can all start now...

Later aligators (I really do have that Christopher Kane @topshop aligator dress on my mind don't I?)
Love Tor x


WendyB said...

Love the dress in the center of your bottom row. Lady Gaga is crazy like a fox -- look how huge she's made herself in such a short time! And Rodarte -- what I want to talk about is how they're going to make any money out of this. I hope they're not one of those brands that come and go because it's so impractical. I guess Target is supposed to balance that out but I'm wondering how that line will do if it doesn't capture what the sisters do for the runway.

gleenn said...

i love these crazy combinations. better try one for myself. :)

And lady gaga? Well, i knew how she started and it was inspiring but i simply don't like her much.