Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The great big boot hunt: It begins!

If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I have been most distressed this week because the heel has snapped off my beloved heeled ankle boots (they are beyound repair) and I need another pair to replace them immediately ie before my first LFW show on Friday! You see, those boots were my wear everywhere heeled boots and the rare mix of good looking and comfortable enough to walk in without it feeling like a thousand tiny daggers were stabbing at my feet!
Replacing them will be hard (especially given my almost non-exsistant shoe budget this month) but if I had the money to hit the highsteet in the way I wanted to this evening then these would be the shoes I would be trying on. I want something with a heel, that is chunky and tough looking:
Either the darla or the darcie boot from the Dr Martin Diva Collection. All the toughness of the original Dr Martins I remember from my misspent youth, but with the added bonus of being a yummy shiny patent and having a heel to make even the tiniest plumpest of bloggers (ie me!) look like they have slender legs!
These Topshop boutique heeled biker boots are like a more feminine (but still rough and tough!) version of the DM's but with the added bonus of the leather looking buttery soft and lots more details, such as the hooks and eyes and the tough straps.
And finally these versions from Schuh are nuts; 17 straps for biker meets bondage pleasure. If only they'd had a heel!
Yes, my feminine ankle boots are out and chunky manly heeled biker boots are in....provided I can find a pair for less than £50 of course....something tells me this challenge is going to be less than fun!
Love Tor xx

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