Saturday, 19 September 2009

Like shoes much??

After a very quick wander around the exhibition at London Fashion Week I realised that I think I have a problem with shoes: instead of taking photos of some of the wonderful and unusual garments on display, I managed to take pictures of shoes I wanted to buy:

Yes, apparently the LFW exhibition is just a massive superstore for bloggers to go fantasy shopping in!!
Biggest hellos to Nicola of F.A.B and Kristabel of I want you to know who I finally met properly to walk around the exhibition together. They are lovely funny fashionable girls who write great blogs: check them out now!
Love, Tor xx

PS - I'm taking some great pics and I want them to display here BIGGER! Does anyone know how I can make that happen? I can't work it out!


Make Do Style said...

Good to see you are shoe spotting!

Glowing Doll said...

Do you know when those Melissa shoes hit stores?

Lilee said...

omg shoes galore! ahh those docs are fab, i want them.

gleenn said...

oh, count me in. i love shoes a lot too more than anything. ;)

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

Hey Tor

Yeah I was there aswell....and the exhibit was amazing....I wanted everything :) your blog btw

Laura xxx

Intrinsically Florrie said...

So many lovely shoes! *sighs dreamily*

Florrie x