Friday, 11 September 2009

Primark new season party dresses AW09/10

Why is it that in the summer we are happy to head for a night on the town with our friends wearing whatever falls out of the wardrobe (in my case this summer, a Tshirt dress and heels) but as soon as the weather gets gloomier we all rush out to buy glamorous party dresses?

Whatever the reason, Primark haven't let us down with their party dress selection this week; think lots of sequins, 80s power shoulders, and one shoulder detailing.

One Shoulder Animal Madness

An 80s interpretation of the future (aka Star Trek dresses!!)

Sequins, sequins, and more sequins!

I was very restrained and didn't buy any party dresses but if I had I would have had the sequin zig zag one (how similar is it to the one I tried on at the Arcadia bloggers night?) and the star trek style dress; the shoulders looked very sharp and the whole dress was made of a thick stretchy jersy material; double yum with a cherry on top! I'm not a massive fan of the one shouldered look on myself, but the snake print one shouldered dress was gorgeous: very glamourous, well made, and prefect for both the body con and eighties trends!

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Love, Tor xx


Tiina said...

OHMY !! I just found your blog via google and fell in love with that FUTUREdress! Oooh, it´s so beautiful and my style but I live in Finland so there is no chance to get it. I´m going to London next January but I think Primark won´t have that dress anymore.
What was the price (if you remember) and do you think it would still be in the stores (right now)?
Maybe you could send it to me :D

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